Fine Art and Prints

Fine Art Photography is a term used when a photography is created by the photographer’s artistic impulse. Is something that is not commissioned for someone. This photographic style is when the artist expresses himself, using photography as main instrument.

Besides that, we can also talk about Fine Art Print, which is a printing process, often printed from digital files, using archival quality inks and onto acid free fine art paper. When looking for a print that will last for decades then always choose for a fine art artwork.

It is the acid content in many papers that makes them turn yellow, brittle & crack over time. Fine art papers are all acid free and made with 100% cotton fibres, this ensures that your print will look as good in many years time as it did the day it was printed.

This delicate and intricate Fine Art printing process is supervised by the printer, who has technical and interpretative knowledge, and by the photographer/artist, who is there to assure that the printer succeed to capture the artist’s artwork wishes and feelings on the paper.

If you are interested in purchasing some of my artwork, is possible to buy only the print or a framed work. Below available sizes:

  • 15x21cm;
  • 20x30cm;
  • 30x45cm;
  • 40x60cm;
  • 60x90cm;

Each Fine Art print includes certificate of authenticity sign by the photographer.

Most of images in instagram (@jorge.hynd) or this portfolio, can be printed. Send me a message using the contact form or directly to Whatsapp +55 11 95992.3644.

Below you can see few artwork. Some indicated with * are film photography enlarged in a darkroom (black and white process):


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